The year-long restoration of our 100-year old house, followed by a 3-story addition, was – incredibly – a great and rewarding experience, made so because of the professional team at Leo Johns. Having worked with contractors on two other major home renovations, I can say that Leo Johns stands heads and shoulders above the rest. They provided the highest quality of work; fast and thorough feedback to any issues that were uncovered (with a house this old...there were PLENTY) along with several options on how to resolve these issues; and, an honest, reliable workforce that always showed up when scheduled.

We had young children in our house during the addition, and the work crews were always very respectful of this, cleaning up at the end of each day and making sure they kept any interference with day-to-day life at a minimum. Indeed, at the end of our two massive projects, we considered many of the workers to be friends and almost family.

Andria McClellan,

Enclosed is the final payment for the renovation performed in a highly satisfactory manner!

George Gurnee,

We had our kitchen remodeled. They had to knock down 2 walls. Create a larger opening from the kitchen to another room. Created a bar area. New electrical. New flooring. No new plumbing needed. New cabinets to add to existing cabinets.

The job started on time. Leo Johns brought in great sub contractors who were very professional. The foreman of our job was the best. I could call him with ANY issue and he would make it right, no questions asked. I always felt like I was the most important customer they had. When we ran into an unexpected pipe in the wall, the company did not charge me for removal, as they said they should have caught it earlier. Had some issues with the cabinetry, but they handled all of it. I didn't have to worry. Pricing is up front, and you pay for what has been completed. Plus, I never had a headache about anything, because they always took care of any issue. Will use them again.

From a customer, Angie's List

The master suite that Leo F. Johns created for us has turned out better than we could have hoped, thanks in great part to your ingenuity and your willingness to take on my sometimes eccentric demands. Working in the cramped space of an old house in an old neighborhood can be a challenge, as is bringing outdated structures up to code, but we got through it with minimum disruption and maximum success.

Building a temporary outdoor staircase for access to the second-story project was a stroke of genius; it kept virtually all the traffic out of our living space while the construction was underway. And you were a good sport about the peculiarities I insisted on, from the porch railing to the tub enclosure, even when you thought I would be disappointed when they were done. As it turns out, I am pleased with every one of them.

This is the fourth project we have undertaken with Leo F. Johns and probably not the last. Thanks for a job well done.

Clark Lee Merriam,